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FMBallet Company Ranks

The talent each season in the company continues to grow. For the first time, we posted the company list without company ranks. After a few company classes and rehearsals, we have finally decided on our company ranks this season. All these dancers are talented and give a great deal to make the company as strong as it is. Each person is a moving piece and important to our company.


Camille Federowich

Teah Poyner


Sara Durham

Emma Kulla

Shaina Rae Magel

Corps de Ballet

Bryanna Hanson

Dylan Johnson

Tegan Lancaster

Camille Miller

Caleb Reich


Paige Schulz

Chris Taylor

Shawn Viseth

Anne Witteman Borowicz

Lauren Woodbury


Sydney Glasheen

We are excited to share their talents with this community and surrounding areas this season. Tickets are available now for Spooky Ballets and The Classic Nutcracker. Purchase a flex pass to save!

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