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Announcement: The Classic Nutcracker Cast

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition. Each season this process gets more difficult. There is so much talent in this community. Congratulations to the cast below. If you did not make it this season it may be one of many factors, limited costuming on our end, your conflicts, or we feel you need a little more training for the specific roles that you would fit into. All in all this was a solid group of dancers and it was a very difficult process.

A few announcements before the cast list. If you are casted, please place these two dates on your calendar.

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - Cast / Parent Meeting


This is a mandatory meeting for those who are casted in the production. Dancers under the age of 18 should have a parent representative at this meeting. Cast members 18 years and older can attend the meeting themselves. We will discuss upcoming events, rehearsals, costume fittings, volunteering, box office, and more.

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Costume Fittings

Time TBD

All cast members will be needed this day for costume fittings. We want to get an early start on costuming as we are rebuilding some of our costumes this season. Scheduled character time slots will be available soon (latest Sunday). We have scheduled this time from 1pm - 5pm currently, but this could change due to the number of fittings. We will also ask for volunteers on Sunday, September 17 to assist in the process.

The Classic Nutcracker - Cast List

Please make sure your name or dancers name is spelled correctly below. If it is not, please email us at with the correct spelling. The spelling below is how we will list it in the production program.

Clara: Emma Kulla (Understudy - Marisa Pace)

Drosselmeyer: Craig Ellingson

Mama: Shaina Magel

Fritz: Nikolas Dahmen

Clara's Friends: Dylan Johnson, Camille Miller, Marisa Pace

Butler: Mickey Porter

Maid: Jadyn Huseby

Party Parents: Betsy Bohnenblust, Anne Borowicz, Paula Comeaux, Michelle Fischer, Jennifer Maerschbecker, Kate Petersen, Caleb E. Reich, Grant Skrove, Kathleen Sweeney, Mali Yahnke

Party Teens: Mateo Leslie, Mara Lysne*, Stella Mehlhoff*, Reagan Pederson, Koral Salisbury* * Puppeteers

Party Kids: Gracie Bahls, Layla Brager, Hanna Britt, Margaux Butenhoff, Charlotte Davis, Isabella Dukart, Evelyn Gabel, Charlie Giesmann, Sophie Hallaway, Ava Hastings, Ava Jung, Grace Madsen, Allison McGarvey, Anja Nelson, Drew Noah, Sophia Plagemann, Mary Beth Porter, Tess Reisenauer, Grace Schulz, Kennedy Schwarzrock, Amika Skalsky, Lily Soleim, Vivian Wilson

Nutcracker Prince: Matthew Gasper (Understudy - Mateo Leslie)

Mouse King: Grant Skrove

Mice: Lilla Beaulier, Michael Becker, Jane Bowles, Payten Boseck-Andvik, Layla Brager, Hanna Britt, Nikolas Dahmen, Charlotte Davis, Isabella Dukart, Kerisa Durham, Avery Fechtner, Markie Fechtner, Louisa Fischer, Evelyn Gabel, Charlie Giesmann, Sophie Hallaway, Amelia Hengel, Alexa Hoge, Elle Johnson, Ava Jung, Georgia Jung, Jocelyn Larson, Allison McGarvey, Claire Middel, Isabella Magnotto, Drew Noah, Henry Petersen, Mary Beth Porter, Grace Schulz, Kennedy Schwarzrock, Amika Skalsky, Lily Soleim, Isabelle Thibert, Emmy Williams, Gigi Wilson

Soldiers: Gracie Bahls, Ava Hastings, Emma Hetland, Jadyn Huseby, Mara Lysne, Grace Madsen, Stella Mehlhoff, Reagan Pederson, Mickey Porter, Emily Sahl, Vivian Wilson

Snow: Kyla Andvik, Sofia Astolfi, Morgan Berg, Anne Borowicz, Sara Durham, Dylan Johnson, Tegan Lancaster, Shaina Magel, Camille Miller, Marisa Pace, Teah Poyner, Koral Salisbury, Paige Schulz, Kathleen Sweeney, Priscilla Todt, Lauren Woodbury

Snow Understudies: Isabella Dukart, Ava Jung, Stella Mehlhoff, Isabella Magnotto, Drew Noah, Mary Beth Porter, Vivian Wilson

Sugar Plum: Mikal Kenfield (Understudies: Tegan Lancaster, Teah Poyner)

Spanish: Camille Miller, Mateo Leslie, Marisa Pace (Understudy: Dylan Johnson)

Arabia (Aerial Silks): Marina Petrano (Understudies: Tegan Lancaster, Teah Poyner)

China: Sara Durham, Camille Federowich, Tegan Lancaster, Priscilla Todt (Understudies: Sofia Astolfi, Paige Schulz)

Ninja: Dylan Johnson

Russia: Mateo Leslie, Shaina Magel, Caleb E. Reich, Grant Skrove

Waltz of the Flowers: Sara Durham, Camille Federowich, Tegan Lancaster, Camille Miller, Marisa Pace, Teah Poyner

Waltz of the Flowers Ensemble: Kyla Andvik, Sofia Astolfi, Morgan Berg, Anne Borowicz, Dylan Johnson, Shaina Magel*, Paige Schulz, Kathleen Sweeney, Priscilla Todt*, Lauren Woodbury

* Understudies for Waltz of the Flowers Core

Waltz of the Flowers Ensemble Understudies: Isabella Dukart, Ava Jung, Isabella Magnotto, Mary Beth Porter, Koral Salisbury

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