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Support Us: Ticket Subsidizing

It has always been very important to us to provide opportunities for all dancers to participate in our productions. But did you know we also work to fill the seats with different sectors of the community as well to make dance performance more accessible to them. In the past we have worked with organizations such as Big Brother / Big Sister, Vet Tix and in 2022 we provided tickets to Covid front line workers.

To be able to continue to do this and provide to portions of the community that my financially not be able to afford our performances we need individuals and businesses to help with funding these seats. You can purchase a select number of seats that we will then turn around and donate to organizations in the community that provide resources to families and individuals to attend events and performances like ours.

Each season we donate around 120 tickets across our three productions to Vet Tix. This provides our veterans the opportunity to attend our performances with their families at no cost to them. We are so thankful for what our military has done for this country, this is a small thing we are able to do for them. A donation of $3400 would cover this cost for the season. Or on a smaller scale $860 for the production of Spooky Ballets.

As you see, your dollars can impact a community.

Did you know?

Seeing a live performance can boost your creativity and cognitive abilities (increasing the production of endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin). It can also help reduce stress. For youth exposed to live performance, it can help spark learning. It also helps them learn patience and concentration skills that isn’t learned by watching tv or programs on a device. Introducing live performance and the arts at a young age can also create lifelong performers and supporters of the arts.

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