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Summer Intensive: Ms. Krista King-Doherty

This season our 3-week dance intensive is being held in August 2-20, 2021. We will have a variety of master instructors from across the country as well master instructors from the FMBallet.

Ms. Krista King-Doherty will be teaching in our 3rd week of our summer intensive. Ms. Krista brings a lot of experience with her from YAGP recognization for choreography to dance conventions and even her choreography appearing on NBC's World of Dance Season 4. We look forward to our week with Ms. Krista. Find out more about Krista King-Doherty below.

Krista King-Doherty is an internationally recognized and award-winning teacher and

choreographer. She received her training at Ballet la Jeunesse in Los Angeles, CA and from her

mother, Kathie Fishback Anthony. Krista comes from a lineage of four generations of professional

dancers. Her family continues to direct their dance school, Fishback Studio, which was founded in

New Mexico in 1945. Krista enjoyed a successful career as a fashion model in Europe, USA, Asia

and Australia. She worked for top designers such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Ferragamo to

name a few. Krista was featured in print campaigns, magazines, on television and runways for a


In 1995, Krista returned to her dance roots specializing in ballet, pointe, jazz, and contemporary

dance. Krista coaches and choreographs in the USA and abroad working with dancers to achieve

their next level of performances and elevate all facets of their craft. Her trainees are frequently the

recipients of overall high score, technical and choreography awards. Krista takes pride in her ability

to cultivate the best in her students and see them flourish.

Since 2005, Krista's students have qualified in both the solo and ensemble divisions for the Youth

America Grand Prix Finals in New York City. Her students and choreography have repeatedly won

the Youth Grand Prix Award, Grand Prix Award, and the Hope Award, in addition to overall awards

in contemporary and ensemble divisions at YAGP. Krista’s ensemble pieces have won 1 st place at