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Spread the Love: Celebrate Giving Hearts Day on February 8th

Giving Hearts Day is approaching and it is a huge opportunity for FMBallet to raise money that we can put towards funding our productions, maintaining our fee-free program, creating awesome educational opportunities for local dancers, and growing as a company so that we can do even cooler things that have, up until this point, been out of our grasp. 

Ticket sales only just cover our baseline operational and production costs, so things like donations and grants are vital for us to be able to expand and do bigger and better things. Things like going on tour, building a new training and performance venue, building new shows from scratch, paying bigger stipends to our dancers, etc.

As such, we would love your support in spreading the word and sharing FMBallet's Giving Hearts Day campaign with everyone you know. We have an amazing community that has our back, and we are so grateful for you, but if we want to grow, we really need to expand our reach beyond our own circle, which is why all of you sharing is so important!

Early giving is already open, so people can donate anytime between now and February 8th. Check out our Giving Hearts Day page and donate here, and don't forget to share the page wide and far!

As always, we are so incredibly grateful to all of you. Nothing we do would be possible without your support and the support of our community, and we cannot thank you enough for joining us on this ride.

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