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Silent Auction - Nutcrackers By Kylie

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Experience the magic of the season through the artistry of soloist dancer Kylie Adams! She has crafted a series of beautiful Nutcrackers for this year's auction, each one a testament to her talent and creativity. Among them is a special Nutcracker, dear to her heart, introducing the newest character to The Classic Nutcracker—The Snow Queen. Bid today on these lovely hand-painted Nutcrackers and reserve your seats for our holiday production to witness Kylie in the enchanting role of the Snow Queen. Don't miss this opportunity to bring home a piece of the performance and make your holiday festivities truly magical!

Kylie Adams | Soloist

Left to Right | Top to Bottom

  • Sage Sparkles Nutcracker

  • Snow Queen Nutcracker

  • Blush Sage Gemcracker

  • Lavender Dreamcracker

Funds raised will help pay for our companies trip to Ballet Alliance this upcoming Spring. Our ballet company members will be traveling to Washington to perform and take master classes with other companies from around the USA in May 2024. This will help pay for travel and festival costs.

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