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Nutcracker 2023 Silent Auction

a gold painted nutcracker mouse holding a gift that is covered in rhinestones. The background is wooden simple geometric trees in greens and whites. These trees and the nutcracker mouse doll are sitting wood platform.
Golden Gift Nutcracker Mouse by Margaux B.

This season step into a world of creativity with our annual Nutcracker Doll Silent Auction. This enchanting fundraiser features hand-painted Nutcracker dolls with intricate details and unique styles of each doll, reflecting the artistic flair of the individual company member who created it. From classical renditions to whimsical interpretations, these Nutcrackers tell their own stories, making them perfect for collectors and holiday enthusiasts alike.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The FMBallet is on a mission this season, and your participation in this Silent Auction will make a profound difference. We're raising funds to support our company members' journey to the prestigious Ballet Alliance, a dance festival held in Washington this upcoming May. This event is a platform for our dancers to immerse themselves in the world of dance, taking classes from renowned instructors, and showcasing their talents on stage.

Your generosity and support will go a long way in helping us cover the costs associated with attending the Ballet Alliance festival, ensuring our dancers have the opportunity to grow, learn, and shine on a national stage. Join us in our endeavor to nurture the art of ballet and celebrate the creative spirit of our dancers, all while bringing a touch of holiday magic into your home with a unique Nutcracker doll.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of art and support our passionate dancers. Bid with your heart, knowing that your contribution will have a lasting impact on the world of ballet and the dreams of our dedicated performers. Together, we can make the FMBallet's annual Silent Auction Fundraiser a resounding success and help our dancers reach new heights at the Ballet Alliance festival.



This season we are giving you a head start on making those bids. Our auction will open Thanksgiving Day at 8:00am CST and closes Sunday, December 17, 2023 at 5:00pm CST.

Anyone from around the United States can bid on our companies creative Nutcracker Dolls. We will ship a Nutcracker if you are a winning bid.


We will notify those who are the winning bidder on Monday, December 18. We will coordinate a pick up time or shipping of your winning nutcracker.


You can see all our fantastic creations on our Auction site. You can also attend this seasons production of The Classic Nutcracker and see them in person. We will have QR codes and website links on the auction table for easy accessibility to bidding on your favorite dolls.


Email us at

Happy Bidding!

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