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Shawn grew up in a small town in North Dakota called Mayville. In his childhood he attended many dance classes at a local school named Katie Lien’s School of Dance. He trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. He performed in 9 dance concerts over the years while training in Mayville. 


At 19 he left home to attend cosmetology school in Fargo, where he fell in love with the art form and industry. He began his career in the beauty industry but quickly realized he needed more outlets for his creativity. In 2017 he decided to pick up his slippers and dance once again! He tried various schools around the Fargo area but settled on his home at Gasper’s School of Dance. He chose Gasper’s because of their knowledgeable training styles, and inclusive attitude towards all types of dancers. Over the past 5 years, Shawn has trained through the ranks at the FMBallet. He started off as an apprentice who just rediscovered dance, now he’s working on his 2nd year as principal dancer.


He has danced many roles within the FMBallets productions. Shawn has danced many iconic roles including  Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Cavalier in The Classic Nutcracker


During his time with the FMBallet, Shawn has learned many skills that aide him in performing, and in everyday life. Some of these skills include confidence, quick thinking, and teamwork, which all translate well into many different professional careers. 

Shawn would like to thank his mother and aunt Jody and Terry, they have been the worlds best cheerleaders for him. He’d also like thank the team at Gasper’s for always offering a space where he could go to feel at peace.

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