Inclusive dance an Adaptive Dance program in conjunction with
the FMBallet.

Mission: To engage each student, regardless of ability, with movement and dance to help them grow personally, physically and emotionally. Through our program, we encourage our Relevé students to develop movement and a concept of music and rhythm.

Dancer Benefits
  • To build self-worth and confidence through dance

  • To practice life skills such as working together with partners, ideation, and following directions.

  • To increase comfort level of students in a social setting.

  • To develop spatial awareness and awareness of self.

  • To increase fine and gross motor skills.

  • To elongate the dancer's limbs by stretching.

  • To increase core strength and posture.

  • To enhance receptive and expressive language.

Our Curriculum

Relevé's classes have been expertly designed, utilizing Physical and Occupational Therapy exercises fused together with dance steps and rhythmic beats.

Through the use of rhythm, dance steps, and engaging activities, dancers will continue to increase coordination while aiding the brain in developing new neuro-pathways to learn new skills.

Dance with the FMBallet

FMBallet company dancers will be available to provide assistance during classes, providing the opportunity for Relevé students to dance alongside these professional dancers.

Our future goal is to have Relevé students participate in annual productions, including The Classic Nutcracker, and our Spring storybook ballets.

Contact Us

For more information about the program or to sponsor a dancer, please contact us at

Program Director: Karly Pierce Lystad


Participants are welcome to bring support in the form of family or staff to aide their participation. This is an inclusive class for students of all abilities. No one-on-one supervision will be provided.

Dress Code

No dress code required. We ask that dancers wear something they can move in. Participants (and aides) may wear clean, dry street shoes, socks, or bare feet. Dance shoes are not required.